What is photo art?

It is a style of artistic photo editing which results in dreamy, painting-like photographs that evoke emotions, reveal a story, and enhance the visual beauty of the picture.


How is it done?

Natural light photographs are edited one by one with several software tools to achieve the desired effects. Each photo is different and the photographer brings his/her artistic vision into each painting-like photo.


Why is this a different category and why is it priced differently?

To edit just one photograph it takes a lot of time, sometimes several hours. Everything is adjusted manually, manipulating the texture, depth, color, light, and balance so that the end result looks as stunning as a painting.


How do I order photo art?

Photo art is like an add-on to your photo package. When you receive the photos for proofing, you will see one of your photos edited in photo art style that will give you an idea of how your other photos would look like. Then you can opt for purchasing that photo or request other photos for that editing style. Photo art pictures must be prepaid.


How can I use my photo art?

You can display your photo art the way you display any other painting - enlarge it, print it (canvas is recommended for added beauty), frame it, hang it. or you can use it just the way you use any photo - make it into a card, print it, use it digitally, on your social media, send it to family and friends, the options are endless.  

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